HoloGraphics Log

is about the whole picture,

and the wider,deeper, more colorful view.

We put reality into virtual worlds using digital imaging to capture depth by using many cameras at once.  We produce accurate digital models of buildings, people, and objects from many photographs.  

Our main business is the production and licensing of billion pixel photographs of California and Western US.  Hundreds of panoramas are available for viewing for free here, and I do provide printing services, and photographic services.

3DHDTVs are a great way to explore stereoscopic 3D panoramas using a web connected computer.  This is the start of the "Next BIG thing" by providing deep 3D zoom into gigantic stereo-photos at home.

We have to design and build most of the equipment that we use in the field.  There are many stereoscopic videos posted on my You Tube channel.  Science and art are tools that we use to take visualization to the next levels.

John Toeppen

toeppen at comcast dot net