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These are models made from real photos....

What should I shoot?

You will need an up to date version of Acrobat to view these models.  The Honeycomb is small and easy to load;

Wait until the image appears in the pdf window.  After it has loaded click on the image and drag your mouse in a circle for tilt and tip.  Hold the control key (Ctrl) and repeat the circle and you move X-Y.  Mouse wheel moves you inward and out.  Arrows and +/- also work.

The Honeycomb is 5 meg, while the large files are 400 meg or more.  Larger take a while to load and benefit from a stuffed Windows 7 computer.  If it is slow or unresponsive wait - don't click on the window for a long while.  Acrobat and Flash programs may crash if not closed after use.  There are some other file types associated with CAD and rendering programs.  Ask me about other file types, file types you want to try, available subjects, or whatever.  Please use the e-mail shown on the images and below.

The Robertson and the Sunol images were taken from a balloon.  I now use five synchronized camera to capture live and moving subjects.   Stores, tractors, flowers, and other larger subjects may now be rendered. I will improve this page and post new models as things go onward.  

If you know how to view these models in stereoscopic 3D in full color (not anaglyph) on 3DHDTVs please let me know.

John Toeppen
email me at;
toeppen at comcast dot net